Here is a list of therapies that therapists employ. As you can see there alot of different kinds of therapy developed.

Follow the links to find out more about the differernt therapies in which you have interest.

Active Analytic Psychotherapy
Activity Group Therapy
Adaptational Psychodynamics
Adaptive Psychotherapy
Adlerian Psychotherapy
Adlerian Group Psychotherapy
Actualizing Therapy
Ajase Complex
The Alexander Technique
Allo-Centered Psychotherapy
Analytical Psychology
Anti-Expectation Psychotherapy Techniques
Anxiety Management Training
Arica Group Process
Art Therapy
Assertion-Structured Therapy
Assertive Behavior Therapy
Attack Therapy
Attitude Therapy
Autogenic Therapy
Autogenic Training
Aversion Therapy
Bates Method of Vision Training
Behavior Therapy
Behavioral Family Therapy
Behavior Modification
Behavioral Problem Solving
Bell's Family Group Therapy
Bereavement Counseling
Biocentric Therapy
Bioenergetic Analysis
Bio-Energentic Group Therapy
Bioplasmic Therapy
Bio Scream Psychotherapy
Body Energy Therapy
Bowen Family Therapy
Breathing Therapy
Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
Brief Therapy
Broad Spectrum Behavior Therapy
Buddhist Insight Meditation
Burn-Out Prevention
C1C2 project Psychotherapy
Catalyst Therapy
Cathartic-Meditative Therapy,
Christian Psychotherapy
Client-Centered Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive-Behavioral Family Therapy
Communication Therapy
Companionship Therapy Model
Comprehensive Relaxation Training
Computer Therapy
Conditioned Reflex Therapy
Confrontation in Psychotherapy
Confrontation Problem-solving Therapy
Contextual Therapy of Phobic Behavior
Creative Aggression Therapy
Cooking as Therapy
Coping Skills Training
Correctional Counseling
Correspondence Therapy
Covert Conditioning
Covert Modeling
Crisis Intervention
Crisis Management
Culturalist Therapy
Dance Therapy
Dance/Movement Therapy
The Deep Psychobiology of Psychotherapy
Develpmental Dance-Movement Therapy
Depth Therapy
Dialogue Psychotherapy
Direct Decision Therapy
Direct Psychoanalysis
Directive Psychotherapy
Drama Therapy
The Use of Dreams in Couples Group Therapy
Dynamic Therapy
Dynamic Cognitive Therapy
Dynamic Empathy Training
Dynamically Oriented Brief Psychotherapy
Eclectic Psychotherapy
Eidetic Therapy
Electroconvulsive Therapy
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
Emotional Common Sense
E-mail Therapy

Encouragement Therapy
Encounter Therapy
Eriksonian Therapy
Exaggeration Therapy
Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy
Existential Group Psychotherapy
Experiential Analysis
Experiential Focusing and Psychotherapy
Experiential Therapy
Comprehensive Family Therapy
Conjoint Family Counseling
Family Context Therapy
Family Crisis Therapy
Feeling Therapy
Feminist Psychotherapy
Filial Therapy
Fischet-Hoffman Process
Fixed Role Therapy
Folk Healing
Frommian Influence
Future Oriented Psychotherapy
Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt Movement Therapy
Gestalt Synergy
Goal- Directed Psychotherapy
Group Art Therapy
Group-Analytic Psychotherapy
Group Sex Therapy
Guided Fantasy in Psychotherapy
Guided Group Interaction
Healing the Divided Self
Holistic Counseling
Holistic Education
Horneyian Therapy
Horticultural Therapy
Hypnosymbolic Psychotherapy
Immediate Therapy
Impasse/Priority Therapy
Implosive Therapy
Indirect Hypnotic Therapy
Information Feedback
lnsight Psychotherapy
Instigation Therapy
Integrated Psychiatric Treatment
Integration Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
Integrity Group Process
Intense Feeling Therapy
Intensive Journal
Intensive psychotherapy
Interactional psychotherapy
Interpersonal Process Recall
Jungian Analysis
Jungian Dance Therapy
Jungian Group psychotherapy
Kaplan Sex Therapy
Kinetic psychotherapy
Kleinian Technique
Learning Theory Therapy
Learning-Based Client-Centered Therapy

Life Skills Counseling
Life Skills Training
Living Therapy
Lomi Body Work
Marathon Group Therapy
Marital Therapy
Mandala Therapy
Matrix Therapy and Past Life Regression
Medical Orgonomy
Meditative Therapy
Meeting Psychotherapy
Metaphor Therapy
Megavitamin Therapy
Mirror Image Therapy
Modern Psychoanalysis
Money Therapy Through Financial Counseling
Morita Therapy
Multidisciplinary Group Therapy
Multimodal Therapy
Multimodal Behavior Therapy
Multiple Therapy
Multiple Impact Therapy
Multiple Conjoint Psychotherapy
Multiple Family Therapy
Multiple Impact Therapy
Music Therapy
Mutual Help Groups
Mutual Need Therapy
Mutual Storytelling Technique
Naikan Psychotherapy
Narrative Therapy
Natural High Therapy
Negative Practice
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Neurotone Therapy
New Identity Process
Nondirective Psychoanalysis
Nutrition-Based Psychotherapy
Object Relations Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Office Network Therapy
Operant Conditioning Therapy
Organic Process Therapy
Paraverbal Therapy
Partnership Therapy
Paradigmatic Psychotherapy
Past Lives Therapy
Pastoral Counseling
Person-Centered Therapy
Personal Science
PET: Parent Effectivness Training
PCIT: Parent Child Interaction Therapy
Phenomenological Psychotherapy
Phenomeno-Structural Psychotherapy
Philosophical Psychotherapy
Physiologic Therapy for the Neuroses
Photo Counseling
Placebo Therapy
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as Psychotherapy
Play Therapy
Poetry Therapy
Positive Therapy
Primal Therapy
Primary Relationship Therapy
Privation Psychotherapeutic Technique
Problem Solving Group Therapy
Process Psychology
Programmed Success Therapy
Provocative Therapy
Psychedelic Therapy
Psychic Healing
Psychoanalytic Group Therapy
Psychoanalytically Oriented Milieu Therapy
Psychobiological Psychotherapy
Psychoenergetic Technique
Psycho-lmagination Therapy
Psychomotor Therapy
Puppet Therapy
Radical Psychiatry
Radical Therapy
Radix Neo-Reichian Education
Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy
Rational-Emotive Group Psychotherapy
Rational Stage-Directed Therapy and Crisis Intervention
Reality Therapy
Realness Therapy
REBT: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
Reevaluation Counseling
Relationship Enhancement Therapy
Relaxation Training
Responsive Therapy
Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy
Reichian Orgone Therapy
Role-Acting Therapy
Roleplaying Therapy
Sandplay Therapy
Sandtray Therapy
Say It Again-An Active Therapy Technique
Selective Awareness Therapy
Sector Therapy
Self-Image Therapy
Self Psychotherapy
Self Therapy
Self-Puzzle: A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool
Senoi Dream Group Therapy
Separation Therapy
Sex Therapies
Sexual Therapy of Masters and Johnson
Sexual Attitude Restructuring
Shadow Therapy
Short-Term Anxiety-Provoking Psychotherapy
Short-Term Targeted Therapy
Sleep Therapy
Structured Short- Term Therapeutic Intervention
Soap Opera Therapy
Social Casework
Social Constructionist Family Therapy
Social Influence Therapy
Social Network Intervention Ross V. Speck
Social System Psychotherapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Strategic Solution Focused Therapy
Strategic Therapy
Stategic Family Therapy
Street Psychotherapy
Stress Inoculation
Structural Family Therapy
Structural Integration
Supportive Psychotherapy
Supportive Care Therapy
Sullivanism Harry Stack Sullivan
Sullivan Group Psychotherapy
Systematic Desensitization
Theme-Centered Interactional Groups
Thought Field Therapy
Transactional Analysis
Transactional Analysis Group Therapy
Transactional-Semantic Psychotherapy
Transcendental Meditation
Transference-Focused Therapy
Transpersonal Psychotherapy
Triad Counseling
Triad Therapy
Triadic-based Family Therapy
Twenty- Four Hour Therapy
Vector Therapy
Verbal Behavior Therapy
Vita-Erg Therapy
Voice Dialoge
Voice Therapy
Wholistic Therapy
Will Therapy of Otto Rank
Writing Therapy